Coatis & Coffee

Coati Dung Coffee also known as Capis Coati Coffee is coffee that is digested by a long nosed Raccoon like animal called a Coati. In Peru this animal is locally known as Mishasho which is where we derive our name Misha Life. The Coatis’ diet consists of small lizards, small birds, bird eggs, and fruit which is why they are great for helping produce wonderful coffee.

The Coatis love to eat the Cherries of the Coffee trees. They select the ripest Cherries and then through the digestive process, the enzymes in the digestive tract break down the sugars and impart fruity notes into an already premium flavored coffee. The end result is a sweeter and more mellow coffee. 

The coffee beans are washed, dried, and then roasted at 230° Celsius (450° Fahrenheit) destroying any bacteria in the process. 

The Coatis used to make Misha Life Coffee are young rescued offspring which are kept in very humane conditions and are released back into the wild once they have matured.