Our specialty coffee is sourced from the Andean Mountains


Misha Life Coffee is sourced from a nutrient rich area high in the Andean Mountains, alongside Peru’s Rio Grande. This area is rich in resources and no one person owns large portions of land. This allows the local farmers the opportunity to maintain and harvest 4 - 5 hectares of land by hand, which has always been considered a traditional way of cultivation. The best coffee bean cherries are hand picked and processed without machinery, a delicate and artisanal ritual that maintains product integrity.

The Satipo province is an emporium for specialized and scientific tourism, as it is considered one of few global regions with the largest number of ecological zones. This area has developed a wide variety of geomorphological and biodiversity, considered among the riches in the world. It has numerous archeological challenges, native communities, uncontacted indigenous groups in voluntary isolation or caverns.


Satipo, Perú