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Welcome to Misha Life

Sourced from high in the Andean Mountains, Misha Life
offers the finest Peruvian Arabica coffee. The high altitude
(1800 meters above sea level) delivers a well balanced
chocolate and almond flavor with citrus undertones.

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Specialty Coffee

Fair Trade


Single Origin

I love my morning coffee routine. I wake up and love a black coffee, Misha was just perfect. I don't need to add milk or sugar, the hint of almond and chocolate makes it just right.

Tatiana R

"...I’ve just tasted the best cup of coffee. I like my coffee medium roasted due to dark roasts often upsetting my stomach. This medium roast has a perfect blend and a hint of almond and fruity notes."

Bryan C

I’m a black coffee person, so my coffee needs to have some flavor, be smooth and have no acidity. This checked all the boxes! This is my new go-to coffee in the mornings!!

Nicole B