f you don't know Misha, let me tell you the story. It's the short form of Mishasho, from which we have learned to craft a coffee that is beyond authentic. Misha, during the day, is full of energy. He roams around finding the best snacks in the Andean forest, bumping with Peruvian coffee trees, and selecting, by hand, the ripest beans of them all. Misha is unaware that by eating and processing the tree fruit, he is contributing to a transformation process that will create one of the most exclusive and amazing coffees in the world. This is how our Dung coffee is fermented, thanks to curious, adventurous, and meticulous Mishashos. Not all of our coffees are fermented by Misha, but we have learned from them to only pick the best fruits, by hand and with care, in a natural, organic, and conscious way. We have learned to be adventurous and curious, to be active during the day, and to feel the pleasure of having energy. Each fruit that Misha eats is full of purpose, the purpose of giving all the nutrients he needs. On our side, each fruit we pick has the same purpose, to contribute to the well-being of all the farmers that help us pick up each bean and transform Andean arabica coffee beans into a high standard quality coffee.