Our Story

"Misha Life: A Journey of Passion, Family, and Exceptional Coffee"

The Awakening to Passion and Quality

Once just a concept, Misha Life became a reality when its founder, a mother of two and a military wife, first tasted the coffee that would define her future. The experience was revelatory – not just in the rich, smooth taste of the coffee but in the connection it fostered. She learned of the meticulous handpicking of each bean by Peruvian farmers, a process steeped in love and dedication, reflecting a deep-rooted connection to the land and its people.

This encounter shifted her perspective, moving her away from the materialistic and towards the intrinsic values of family and community. It wasn't just about coffee; it was about the love that goes into every bean, a labor that resonates with her own life, often spent managing the home front alone while her husband served.

Coffee as a Symbol of Family and Health

In Misha Life, she saw not just a business opportunity but a symbol. Coffee, in her eyes, became a representation of family – that first cup in the morning shared with loved ones, a moment of togetherness in an otherwise hectic world. Moreover, the smoothness of Misha Life’s coffee allowed her to enjoy it without additives, aligning with a healthier lifestyle choice.


Leading by Example: Empowerment and Responsibility

As a woman who had navigated the corporate world, the founder of Misha Life was determined to lead by example. Her mission extended beyond entrepreneurship; it was about inspiring young girls and other women to pursue their dreams, to embark on their adventures.

Conservation and Animal Love

An ardent animal lover, she was particularly moved by the Mishasho – coatis native to the coffee lands. Misha Life’s commitment to conservation and ethical practices meant that these creatures thrived in vast stretches of protected land, integral to the coffee’s unique flavor profile and nutritional value. This commitment to sustainability and animal welfare became a cornerstone of Misha Life’s ethos.


Shauna & Misha (Coati)

Adventures and Global Perspective

Believing in the importance of family and adventure, she took her children to explore the world, showing them different cultures and lifestyles. These experiences were not just educational but humbling, highlighting the disparities in the world and the privileges often taken for granted.

Coffee: A Universal Staple

In her vision, Misha Life's coffee transcended preferences – even dedicated tea drinkers were swayed by its smoothness, a testament to the environmental care and processing it undergoes.

Conclusion: A Call to Join the Journey

As Misha Life continues to grow, it invites others to join in this journey of exceptional coffee, community empowerment, and sustainable practices. It's not just an investment in a brand; it's an investment in a philosophy that values quality, family, and the spirit of adventure.