You welcome a new day with the mindset of acheiving greatness, ready to take on anything that comes your way. With this also comes the urge to experience new adventures and a curiosity of the world around you.

As you prepare your morning coffee, you take a moment to pause, embrace the aromas from the far away lands that these beans arrived from. You imagine the story of the farmers hand picking the coffee cherries and the Coati frolicking around to pick only the ripest fruits that make the Peruvian Jewel blend. You envision the greenery around the Andean mountains and the waterfall flowing through the area, you wonder what the day to day life is like for the people in Mapati, you wonder about their story and envision their unique daily experiences.

Throughout your day, you find yourself taking these pauses amidst your tasks and with every smooth sip of your Misha Life coffee you envision your next adventure. Your mindset is that of someone who works to live not living to work. You appreciate a life enhanced with daily rituals. Your life is elevated with every sip of Misha Life Coffee.