Brewing The Perfect Cup


Thank you for purchasing Misha Life Coffee. We take pride in delivering world class coffee and we want you to experience Misha Life Coffee in the best possible way. Therefore here are our suggestions for brewing the perfect cup of coffee.

For two cups of coffee:

  • Measure 25 grams of Misha Life Coffee
  • Grind the coffee not too fine in a Burr coffee grinder. The Burr coffee grinder will ensure an even grind without too much fine powder.
  • Next, pour the coarse ground Misha Life Coffee into your drip coffee maker. We suggest using the drip method to brew your coffee. This will allow for a smoother coffee.
  • Heat 16 ounces of water to 201 degrees Fahrenheit and pour slowly over coffee grounds.
  • Finally, allow your brewed coffee to cool a bit as coffee that is too hot will inhibit your taste buds from tasting all the intrinsic flavors of the coffee.